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Who Are We?

Zero Waste Circular Solutions (ZWC) is a tech-based, climate change, and circular economic company dealing in misplaced resource management. We believe in supporting people and organizations to become zero-waste citizens and their economic activity as zero-waste activity.

We use innovative digital platforms and innovative practices to introduce decentralized misplaced resource management by ensuring maximum resource recovery at source and reuse of the same recovered resource in the same human and economic ecosystem. We are building communities across rural and urban India to achieve a vision of the Zero Waste Citizen (ZWC).


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ZWC stands for Zero Waste Circular Solutions

We consider every human activity and economic activity to have some output which is called waste and we call it a misplaced resource. We as a circular economy company convert that misplaced resource into useful raw material for another human activity and economic activity. This process ensures that no material goes to the landfill site and is used back into the circular economic activity. We define your environmental saving due to the adoption of these circular solutions. Thus, creating a zero-waste society by adopting a circular approach in day-to-day life by closing the loop.

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ZWC offers a comprehensive Water Audit Service to assist clients in obtaining an accurate and objective water balance for their operations, which involves the systematic measurement and tracking of water flow from the site of water withdrawal or treatment. By analyzing water usage patterns and identifying areas of inefficiency or waste, we can help implement strategies to reduce water consumption, minimize losses, and improve the overall sustainability of their operations.
Zero Waste Circular Solutions also offers a power audit service to help businesses and organizations improve their energy efficiency. Our power audit service is a systematic survey of all electrical equipment, circuits, and connections in your building. This comprehensive assessment provides the foundation for a future-proofed power protection system and can help you reduce your energy consumption.
Our innovative technology-driven formal pull-back ecosystem system helps brand owners find a single-stop solution to comply with their EPR requirements. Brand owners can leverage our platform to gain very intelligent insight that helps them optimize their waste management processes and reduce their environmental impact. ZWC’s EPR solutions are designed to help brand owners meet their sustainability goals while also improving their bottom line.

Zero Waste Circular Solutions are specially designed for bulk waste generators, gated communities, industrial townships, Industrial waste generators and urban local bodies. By adopting circular solutions, you can aspire to become a zero-waste citizen, zero-waste community, and zero-waste city and adopt zero-waste circular economic activities. 

ZWC offers innovative solutions for sustainable wastewater management through its Zero Waste STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) project. The Zero Waste STP project ensures that no wastewater is wasted and all the resources present in it are recovered and reused in a circular economy. The project is designed to cater to the needs of both urban and rural areas and provides a sustainable solution to the problem of wastewater management
ZWC believe that human waste is not waste, but a valuable resource that can be used to create a circular economy. Our pre-fab public toilets are designed to be sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient in their use of resources to help urban local bodies and other stakeholders adopt circular solutions for their public sanitation needs with our technology-driven approach to ensure that no material goes to landfill sites and is instead used as a resource for other economic activities.

Zero Waste Circular Solutions provides innovative solutions to ULBs to convert their city operations from a cost center to a revenue center. We help ULBs to adopt circular solutions to achieve the goal of zero waste to landfill. We also help ULBs to implement innovative solutions for city sustainability zero waste solutions & zero sludge discharge public toilets.

Zero Waste Circular Solutions (ZWC) offers a comprehensive technology platform for industrial waste management. The platform connects all stakeholders in the process of converting industrial waste into useful raw materials for other economic activities. The platform provides brand owners with valuable insights into their waste generation and disposal practices, helping them meet their environmental sustainability goals.
ZWC not only provides innovative circular solutions for waste management but also offers training on waste minimization and misplaced resource recovery technology and skills services. Our training program focuses on educating individuals and organizations on the circular economy, zero waste practices, and how to properly manage waste believing that by training individuals and organizations on the importance of waste minimization and misplaced resource recovery, we can create a more sustainable future.

But it wasn’t ugly,
it was just misplaced & unnoticed


With our years of experience, we believe that when waste is managed at source, then there will be

Huge environmental savings that can be tracked

Huge saving on transportation expenditure

Landfill diversion

Less commingling of waste

It becomes revenue center instead of cost center

It will enable huge public expenditure savings

We can easily adopt circular economy model


What We Wish To Achieve?

We wish to provide circular solutions to make every human and their economic activity as a zero-waste activity.

We wish to capture the values of all misplaced resources by using innovative technologies and solutions at source and creating a formal pull-back eco-system to promote circular economy culture in the society.

We wish to achieve the culture of zero waste citizen, zero waste community and zero waste city.